How does your garden grow? #7

The first year here we put in a veg patch, all pleased with ourselves that we had managed to get it done in time and our seedlings had taken off on the window sill. We proudly planted out all our … Read More

When rats wear pants #6

We had finished pointing most of the outside of the building so next on the list was beginning to sort out “the room next door”. This was part of the cottage but had not had anything done to it. There … Read More

About that septic tank #5

When we first moved in, we knew that the cottage had a working septic tank, it did not however conform to new regulations and we had been made to sign when we bought the cottage to say that we would … Read More

From Sri Lanka to Brittany #2

When I first left Sri Lanka, I was a bit concerned as to where I might go with two Sri LankanĀ  mutts. My wonderful friend Holly had always said to me that if ever I needed a place to go, … Read More

How it all began #1

In the early part of 2010 I went to Sri Lanka and began working at an animal rescue centre there. Tom and I first met when he arrived as a volunteer towards the end of that year. We got on … Read More