Providing a sanctuary for flora, fauna, wildlife and humankind to heal, grow and thrive in a landscape that is organic, self sustaining and sensitive to local natural eco-systems.

Aims & Objectives

1. Obtain a suitable site.

  • Research and identify suitable sites within the UK, rural with natural water source, peaceful and away from man made structures. (research land covenants and local grants).
  • Purchase suitable site.
  • Recruit expertise and ongoing support for the creation of the reserve.


2. Create a wildlife and nature reserve by turning farmland back to what it once was.

  • Draw up a plan with timescales and budgets to develop the nature reserve.
  • Based on the plan, fill in ditches, plant trees, plant hedging, create water/bog areas.
  • Allow the land to become its own eco-system enabling wildlife to be sustained.


3. Encourage wildlife species that are in decline.

  • Providing a hedgehog release site is of particular importance to us along with the possibility of a small hedgehog rescue and care centre.
  • Offer and promote this space as a release site for injured/rehabilitating wildlife, particularly for endangered and in decline species.


4. Become a self-sustaining, natural land-based enterprise.

  • Create areas to grow herbs, vegetables, fruits – organic – this will provide a food source as well as an income (selling herbs, vegetables, collecting and selling seeds).
  • Create and develop a camping area
  • Promote it to for those who wish to come and immerse themselves in nature and benefit from living in harmony with the natural world.
  • Develop expertise in offering the place to those who may need a place of safety and peace, those who are perhaps vulnerable in some way – homeless, abuse victims, those who need help to get on their feet.
  • Build/Create an area for teaching basic skills to those who spend time here as well as offering those in the local community the chance to benefit – natural building methods, sustainable living, growing vegetables, fruit and herbs, crafts using natural materials, meditation, animal care, basic life skills.
  • Install natural power sources – solar panels, wind turbines, hydro-power.


Funding set up and ongoing costs.

  • Crowdfunding – Set up a campaign to fund the purchase of suitable land. As incentives for donation we will be planting trees and hedging which will be dedicated to those who are specified, perhaps in memorial of loved ones or as a gift for those arriving in the world. A further incentive would be the opportunity to visit this haven in the future for those who wish to come.
  • Sell our sole property in Brittany which should enable us to create our own dwelling on this land and get us started with the natural power sources as well as construction of outbuildings for use in hedgehog/wildlife care and teaching (rustic and natural structures).
  • Income from our own work – we are not expecting to be “kept” by this project and will support ourselves as we have always done.
  • Running workshops from the land.
  • Creating and selling products made from natural materials – hedgehog boxes, bird boxes, baskets, soap, candles, herbs.
  • Donations from interested supporters.
  • Grants and Government assistant. Investigate these possibilities.
  • There are of course other possibilities that we may not be aware of for how it is possible to take on land for this sort of project and are open to whatever may come.


Why do we want to do this?

  • To redress some balance in the loss of natural habitat leading to decline in population and species.
  • For future generations to benefit from the power and wonder of nature.
  • To offer hope to those who are in need of assistance.
  • To demonstrate the importance of the natural world for the well being of humankind.
  • To make a positive change in the world!