Meet the family

Hello, I am Debs. I work as a healer providing distant healing treatments and psychic readings for people and animals. My favourite place to be is outside. I love creating things and if I am not working, cleaning, tending to animals, being bullied by animals or being a builders mate then I can be found making things. I love making vibrational essences (akin to flower remedies) and also love fiddling about painting or making things out of wood and whatever I can find that nature has to offer. My recent passion is weaving, I went on a fabulous workshop learning how to use brambles amongs other things to weave baskets. Animals, wildlife and nature have been in my heart since I was small.
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Hi I am Tom. I run my own small business working as a website designer and offer hosting and other services alongside this. I never imagined that I would be on a roof re-slating it which is where I have been today but in the last few years I have learnt a huge amount about renovating and building, I have also learnt lots of ways how not to do things! One of my passions is the desire to work with natural materials and creating structures and objects from these. The environment and the impact we as humans have on it is always uppermost in my mind and I am a great believe in sustainability. I have recently been creating chairs using hazel wood from our hedgerows, I am still perfecting this technique but it is great fun and good to know that something is growing back in the place where I have utilised the wood. I am also making bird and hedgehog boxes out of scraps of wood left over from building works, one of these I have put a camera in so I am looking forward to early spring and the hope that we will have our very own “Springwatch” in the garden.
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Funny Fing
Yes yes, I know it is a funny name but when I was very tiny, I was found on a rubbish tip in Sri Lanka with my 3 siblings but our Mummy was gone. Some kind ladies took us to a clinic but my brothers and sisters passed away and I was left alone. The Debs lady took me into her room and looked after me because I was very sick and I think she thought if she gave me a proper name, I might die. Because I am a bit of a character she used to say to me, “You are a funny little fing aren’t you?” and I would wag my tail in agreement whilst secretly plotting that this lady would never escape from me, little did she know she would be taking me halfway across the world with her when she moved away. So maybe I am not such a funny little fing after all, but very very wise. I am also brave and not scared of things flapping in the breeze or being in places that they were not before……
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I am the queen of dogs. I rule the household completely. I very cleverly sat in the middle of the road whilst very tiny (in fact I could sit in the palm of your hand) and waited until the Tom man came along in the tuk tuk and scooped me up. From then on, I took over his life, his bed, his food and his clothes. Nothing belongs to anyone else, it all belongs to me and I am entitled to it. I like chews, bones, food, log fires, duvets, clothes and digging up the garden looking for voles. Most of the time I like to be sunbathing outside on the sofa Tom made for me or inside in front of the fire on the bed Debs made for me and if neither of those things are available I sulk and shout a lot until someone gets me what I want. Some would say I should be more humble as I was transported all the way from Sri Lanka to France to live this comofortable spoilt life of luxury but I would just say that is how it should be (PS I also steal the eggs).

Primrose & Buttercup
We never used to live together but came from different places where we no longer could live and were bought to this place where we get to eat copious amounts of our favourite things, swim on our pond and dig around looking for slugs. We like each other a lot, unless one of us is feeling a bit hormonal and then we chase each other round in a very slow bustling type fashion which seems to make the humans laugh. One of us is quite shy but the other (me – Primrose) is quite determined when it comes to food and if the food does not come quickly enough will fly in a rather haphazard fashion towards the humans and then peck their trousers until they feed me. The chickens share our enclosure and are OK as long as they remember their place.

Maude, Wendy & Mrs Wobble
Maude – Unwanted by her previous owners. Neurotic, shouty and large. Likes dust bathing and bossing Wendy and Mrs Wobble about. I rarely lay an egg but when I do, I shout about it a lot.

Wendy – I lived in a big shed with hundreds of others and then when I was only 1 year old I got put on the back of a lorry headed for an abattoir but I managed to fall off and a lovely lady saved me and took me home. I was there for a little while and then these new humans came and took me and Mrs Wobble to their home where we share with the white fat waddly things and big shouty Maude. I sometimes lay an egg but it makes Maude shout at me so I tend not to bother.

Mrs Wobble – Like Wendy I fell off a lorry and when that happened I hurt my neck so I wobble my head a lot like I am agreeing with you and sometimes walk round in circles. I am not in any pain though and I can eat faster than any of my sisters so do not be fooled…. What’s laying an egg?