Hello and welcome to Earthkin.

We are Debs and Tom, we have built this site as we are on a mission! This is our platform for all things related to our plans.

Our goal is to create a wildlife conservation and nature reserve on a large piece of farming land, to allow the land to become a habitat for all of nature, to be a release site for rehabiliated wildlife and those under threat. We want to plant trees, hedging, re introduce bog areas and allow the natural eco system to return. We want to look after injured hedgehogs, to rehabiliate them and assist in bringing their numbers back up in the wild. We believe that with the current decline in species and suitable habitat, future generations are at risk of missing out on seeing and experiencing the full array of nature that we saw in our childhood. We want the children of the future to know what Mrs Tiggywinkle looks like in real life. To hear the call of a skylark. To see the ladybirds fly away home. Not just in books and on recorded footage but to be able to see it for themselves.

We also want to create a place where people can come and stay for a while in harmony with nature, those who have nowhere to be, who need a home for a while or are in need of some time out from “normal” life. A place where future generations can learn about the simplicity of self sufficiency, the importance of wildlife conservation and living and working in balance with our surroundings. The joy of living in close proximity to the abundant life nature brings.

See Our Vision and you can also find out more about us, our furry and feathery family and how this vision came about. We will be regularly updating our blog so you can follow our adventures. We will shortly be launching our crowdfunding campaign to help us achieve our goal.

Stay in touch

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Latest from the blog

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